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My name is Emma. I am a momma, wife, dog mom, Deadhead, beach bum, mermaid lover and a hot mess! Welcome to my mad ramblings about life, parenting, product reviews and everything in between!





Not Yo Soccer Mama

Starbucks, Kohls card, a new minivan? Not this mama. I am lucky to have coffee in my Tervis and remember to grab it on the way out the door. I am the mama who needs a smoke and 3 cups of coffee before anyone can speak to me. I am a fickle woman in the morning. After that coffee though I am ready to tackle the world most days. If my body decides to cooperate.

I am a Goodwill, thrift store clothes wearing bohemian princess. I don’t look like the other moms my age. I probably never will. My Monroe piercing is now and will forever be in my face. With my hoop nose ring, I am the queen of the white trash brigade. Rough around the edges; I am not refined and prefer plain talk over circles any day. It isn’t that I can’t keep up. It is because I am just straight up.

Domestic diva, that’s not me either. I will wash the same load of laundry 3 times because I forget that it is in there needing to go in the dryer. Spaghetti is my favorite dinner because everyone eats it.

Crunchy, forget it! I don’t have anyone to appease with my lifestyle but myself.

I had a lady eyeball my 44 inches long, thick and wild mane of hair the other day. She told me how she would cut it off to have a more professional appearance! Excuse me, lady! Cut your own hair. I don’t work and I am disabled. My hair and how I keep it is my own business.

Nah, I am not your average midlife crisis wearing floral print polo shirts mom. I am that long tie dye skirt with a flower in my hair and rings on every finger and maybe a toe mom. I am the one who listens to classical and indie folk with my kids. Punk and ska too. Take it or leave it, I am here to stay. This is my life and I love it.


Christmas and Holiday Cookiesย 

I wanted to share a couple recipes that I make for friends and family each year. Giving out homemade goodies is an act of love. A ton of work goes into the gifts. Not to mention the cost. Baking is more expensive than ever. A 4 pack of real butter can run you almost $5 now. Imagine all the butter, milk, chocolate and other ingredients it takes and the time put in. You could easily buy a box of chocolates or a $10 gift for cheaper than it is to put together a tin of homemade cookies and treats. Places like Aldi grocery stores help me keep my costs down. That 4 pack of butter there usually runs around $2.50. A dozen of eggs there is around $0.75. 

Let’s talk goodies!

Fudge is a Christmas and holiday classic. I found this super easy recipe from Very Best Baking for an easy Rocky Road Fudge. Deliciously creamy milk chocolate, marshmallows and walnuts make this a favorite. It is my most requested goodie. My neighbors love this divine treat. 

Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

There are so many ways to be festive with chocolate covered pretzels. I use holiday colored sprinkles, or chopped nuts and even coconut. This treat is a classic and so fun to make with the kiddos. Even the toddlers can get in on this one. I use this recipe by Little Broken. Here the chef of these creative pretzel sticks uses crushed candy canes for an even more festive spin! I substitute the chocolate for whatever’s on sale. If Bakers chocolate is on sale that’s what I use. However, milk chocolate chips or white chocolate chips melt well and are easy to use as well. Check out these adorable and edible goodies.


Yum! Cookies are a holiday classic as well. You have to have cookies in your goodie tins. I enjoy the whole process of baking. It is scientific. If you do the recipe different ways you will get different results. Check out this chocolate chip cookie recipe and result chart.

Depending on your ingredients you will get different results! I love this. 

Back to Christmas and holiday cookies though. I do include chocolate chip cookies in my tins. 

Easy sugar cookies are the best. I use this 3 ingredient recipe from Delish. You can’t get any easier than 3 ingredients. Check it out!

After we get them rolled out we use our cookie cutters to make shapes. We prefer bells and stars since they tend to break the least.  We are human and not Martha Stewart. Or you can leave them in circles. Check these simple, but still adorable and festive cookies. 
If you wanted to take it a step further and use cookie icing to decorate there are some super easy recipes for that too. Here is a great recipe that I use myself from Pillsbury. If you want to truly make it simple because we know the preschool kids only want to get to the decorating part, you can buy the premade sugar cookie dough from Pillsbury. They are absolutely delicious too.

I am extremely excited for the holidays this year. If you are looking for a cheap, but classy tin check out your local Dollar Tree. Check out the link to see some selections! They have a style for everyone from the circle tins to rectangle tins! And when everything is only $1 how can you go wrong.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite recipes and one of my favorite holiday traditions with you. I hope you have enjoyed this post. 


Blog Challenge Post 1 Family Values

Where does one begin to explain the basis and foundation of the very life they lead? Where do you start when explaining the process that made you who you are? I will give this a try, but I don’t want to ramble on about this and that. I will begin with my present family values. 

1. Be kind to others. You never know what is going on in their lives.

2. Share. We may not be wealthy, but we have more than enough. 

3. Love each other.

4. Forgive easily. We all have faults and make mistakes. 

5. Learn from our mistakes. This will make #4 much easier.

6. Be considerate of other’s feelings. It doesn’t mean you have to agree to be considerate.

7. Give a platform free of judgement to hear each other out. Listen closely to those who are speaking.

8. Do things in our communities to give back. When you help others you help yourself.

9. This is a equality based home. Nobody is above chores. 

10. Most of all, tell each other that you love them a lot. Remind those you care about that you need them and what is special about them. 
These are just a few of the values that my family espouses. I feel as we continue to grow spiritually, intellectually and emotionally these can change, but they are values that stay constant in our lives. They’re in no specific order. 

Facts vs. Opinion

I follow many political groups on social media. I see many opinions and hear them every single day. However, some of those opinions are extremely alienating of others. How is it that following the constitution of the United States requires you to fit some mold of white trash Becky and Jim Bob? How come to be on the left you must be college educated or be looked down upon? Who makes up these ridiculous prerequisites? What about the people in the middle? Those who are centrists? I feel those people are being forgotten. What about the Democrats that still believe in standing for the National Anthem? Their party has become something so far left that it is unrecognizable. What about the Republicans who now have this perception of being Nazis because of a few? When did it become taboo to be an American? I have many questions and it seems like there are no answers for me. My search is in vain. We are caught in between some communist ideology that certainly isn’t cohesive to our constitution or some white supremacist garbage. I feel all deserve their constitutional rights, but when did it start to become ok to give these radical people a platform? When did we start changing the meaning of words such a fascism? Google has changed the definition. Now it is a biased definition. Where did we go wrong? I hear all these people who are running pages on Facebook. They want to increase their numbers of supporters and change minds. However, they are ALL bashing people. I am trying to find meaning in this country and those who are supposedly trying to preserve our constitution and even those who are trying to change it. I am having trouble finding factual information. Most of these speakers are only sharing their opinions. And ya know what they say about opinions… 

Erno Laszlo skincare line

So, thanks to Influenster’s newest Vox Box campaign I was introduced to my new favorite skincare products! Erno Laszlo skincare is one of the higher end lines and I can see why. 

From it’s Phase 1 White Marble dual phase Vitamin C peel to the Step 2 White Marble Vitamin C Peel activator this line is heavenly. The first phase smells like a citrus grove and has a touch of exfoliating bits in it to gently scrub away the dead skin. You gently massage it on for about three minutes. After that three minutes you use the Step 2 activator. It doesn’t take much and the activator bottle has a pump on top and a dropper function to keep the amount perfect! I mean it is cool proof and trust this hot mess right here, I appreciate that.  You only leave the peel on for 1 minute. I had immediate and visible results. After washing the peel off with some warm water and patting my face dry I could see a more even skin tone. My face is smooth and tight. This is exactly what I’m looking for in an at home skincare line. I am much this younger generation in the fact that I like immediate results. With this line that is exactly what I got! They also have a White Marble Lighten and Illuminate Skin’s Brilliance Translucence Cream. This cream smells clean and amazing. It works above on the surface of the skin and below. The cream is fast absorbing and is packed with Vitamin B3 and is made with the bearberry. It lightens up the dark spots on the skin with ease. I highly recommend this skincare line. You definitely won’t be sorry. I have included the link to the Erno Laszlo website here.
Check out all the divine products that are available. 

I give this product 5 hearts! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Challenge Accepted!

I am going to start a blogging challenge. I am starting out small this time. Next time will be 30 days! I felt lost last week because I didn’t write. I was sick and when I write I want to have my thoughts clear. Being sick I am plagued with brain fog and I don’t have the energy to fight through it some days. So, I am back to normal after my week long flare. Challenge accepted! 

Activism vs Inactivism

I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people this weekend. Real activists. The patriot movement is alive and well in America. This won’t be a political post, but I have a little story to tell. I have a friend, Doc, who I’ve known online for 10 years or so. He is a very strong voice in the patriot movement in this country. I may not agree with all of his political views, but there is one thing I certainly agree with and that is his agape love for his fellow human beings. As someone who tries hard to be a good follower of Christ, I help often in my own direct community. Doc, he has the support and means to help nationwide. This last week he posted on Facebook asking for a place to stay in my area. This was a no-brainer for my husband and myself. I have spent countless hours in chat rooms and on video chat with Doc and his wife both. There was absolutely no fear or worries about saying yes and inviting him and another patriot into our home. Doc and Patriot Tom were coming to Florida to help hurricane victims. I am in Sarasota and Irma only ended up being a Cat 2 here. Down south in Naples and the Keys it was a different story. They were hit with a devastating Cat 5 hurricane. I didn’t intend on riding down south with the guys until my 12 year old spoke up about wanting to go. I put my face on and we headed up. We met up with a few other patriots in Arcadia and a couple had these two beautiful young ladies in the picture below with my daughter in the middle. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of these three girls. It was every bit of 100ยฐ out that Sunday. Probably near 110ยฐ inside the trailer that was packed full of the relief supplies. These three kids jumped right in without a moments hesitation and got to work unloading the trailer. It was a breath of fresh air for me. I haven’t seen kids work this hard for a long time. There was no reward for their help and they did it without complaint or being asked to help. With only short breaks between people showing up, these girls were amazing. They kept water in the cooler for us and helped us adults pack boxes for those in need. Each girl was a vital part of this relief mission. Also, each walked away from this day with the knowledge that they were helping others and helping others is hard work. They also came away with a new friend/friends and the great feeling that comes after helping others. What I guess I’m trying to say is I am amazed by a three of them and their kindness and compassion to those in need. This gives me hope for the future generation. It was an honor working beside these young heroes that day. I am always humbled by helping others, but I got to see into more hearts than I could have even imagined that day. Each young woman here has a great heart and a big personality! I can’t wait until we can all work together again. 

Pushing Through

There are days when I feel like I can conquer the world. I am so grateful for the good days and try to make the most of them. With three rare and debilitating chronic illnesses I certainly have my share of days when I am as worthless as tits on a boar hog. (Country saying my granny used) It’s pretty worthless I’d reckon. On those good days they are only mediocre and not up to full speed ever. I miss the days of endless work and partying into the night.

Yesterday I was ambitious and cleaned the house. Now on a Saturday morning I suffer. I am not certain what tomorrow will bring, but today I must baby myself. My body forces me in some sort of rebellious way to practice self-care. “Take it easy” my brain screams out in pain! My actual thoughts are taking stock of everything that didn’t get finished yesterday. So, this messy life comes with a messy house. I keep pushing through though.

My sweet husband is forgiving and kind in this area. He knows I try. He knows I suffer the next day. I think he understands this. He helps me so much. God, I am so thankful for this man. My daughter, who also has chronic illesses the same as mine, suffers too, so I try and take it easy on her with chores. She is a huge help anyhow.

Finding the blessings in this messy life are like victories. They are small things to most, but huge blessings to me. I have been blessed to see directly into my husband’s heart and soul. Not many can say the same.


Surviving The Kids

Watching my daughter turn into a cool young lady has been better than words can describe. Music has been a huge influence in my life. There is no life if you can’t feel a note floating on the air. Recently while snooping in her computer, because, even though she’s got a great head on her shoulders I am still mama, I found an epic playlist on her Youtube channel!

She has everything from Bob Marley to Foster the People to Aretha Franklin to the Lumineers to the Grateful Dead (insert mama moment of pride) to Mozart and Chopin! As her mama I have always encouraged art and music. I can’t sing or play an instrument, but I never really tried. We want so much more for our kids. Listening through her playlist gives me another way to relate to her. It seems her heart is on fire with love.

These tween and teen years are going to be difficult and confusing as a parent. I have to try and remember what it was like, but then again that 17 year old wild woman is still in me burning bright. This child is not me though. It will be a different wild child. One who’s soul I will grow to know because DNA is part of soul. She is an indie princess with a touch of Sheldon Cooper. This little person I have created is much cooler already than my basic 12 year self was. She has no interest in the gossip and trivial drivel that most tween girls get caught up in. She enjoys her solitude and reading. Art pours out of her fingers at an alarming rate.

The art, the art I know is words. She creates beauty with color. Where I paint a picture for your imaginaton to behold, she creates masterpieces that inspire and provoke thought. Since she was two years I have put crayons, paint, and pencils in her hand. This little girl who hates coloring books can now draw you one! We have always taken trips to museums and historically significant places. She is in band and chorus. I believe she sees every single note as it is played or heard. I believe her mind is the most beautiful place on earth.

I pray, I mean I pray hard that I don’t screw this up. I am her mama. I have made some serious mistakes in her little 12 years. I didn’t put my life aside until she was 6. I know this. It was so selfish. She never had a dad those years either. Not one who was any account anyway. I wonder if somewhere in there she holds contempt for me. Her heart is compassionate to me. We have grown up together. I pray she still loves me like she does now in 3 years, or 5, or 20. Life is messy, but this isn’t one of the ones I walked away from. I cleaned the mess that was my own bad choices up and made an amazing choice to get my shit together. Being a mama is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Being her mama is the absolute best!

I am baring too much of my soul in this blog. I don’t let people past the surface most days. My worries and fears are my own and shouldn’t be shared, but I believe fully in sharing the joys and victories. I am a person with many acquaintances and few close friends. Life is messy and this is a learning experience. I love being messy and real and raw. I only hope my daughter sees the courage and strength in letting my guard down.


I hope our love will not fade away…

Emma- Hot Mess